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In my previous role as the Associate Director for Platform Engineering at Avegen, I coached and mentored managers and individual contributors to build a high-performing engineering team. I have led cross-functional teams throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Four things energize me in an organization:

I have been in the digital health space for over 6 years now and have had the opportunity to engage with it through two lenses:

A. Build clinically effective digital health solutions that create a positive impact: Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to interact with various national and international healthcare providers in various domains including the pharmaceutical industry, national health organizations, NGOs and research institutes. At heart, I am a medical doctor by training and my medical expertise has helped me to approach healthcare conditions with empathy and a great understanding of their pathophysiology.

B. Build delightful products that stand the test of scale: I have a panache for coding. The systems I have designed with my team and the platform modules we programmed have scaled to support more than 1 million users. As an engineering leader, I was accountable for the development, quality assurance, DevOps and technical support of the platform. I have played a key role in setting up the engineering team and processes in my organization. Just like any other engineer, I have broken production. I learned from my mistakes and I have continuously upskilled myself to solve new engineering challenges.

This personal blog is my attempt to narrate my learnings and the challenges I have faced in the realm of digital healthcare and engineering.